5 Things you have to do in Gothenburg, Sweden

Göteborg, or Gothenburg in English, is the second largest city in Sweden and located on the West Coast. The city is not famous for its beauty, it’s more of an industrial city and a bit rough around the edges compared to Stockholm. I have lived in Stockholm most of my life, but I have friends in Gothenburg that I visit a few times per year. Here are my top 5 picks.

  1. Take the spårvagn

Göteborg is known for bad humor and ‘spårvagnar’, trams, a slow mode of transportation around the city. Download the app ‘Västtrafik To Go’, and buy the ticket directly in the app.

2. Haga

The coziest neighborhood Haga is a must visit for anyone who’s going to Göteborg. Take a stroll around the streets, fika at Café Husaren and try the enormous cinnamon buns, shop in the cool boutiques or just enjoy the atmosphere.

3. Universeum

Universeum is a museum where you can explore the space, the ocean, look at cool exhibitions, and exotic animals. This is the place for families with small children.

4. Liseberg

The largest amusement park in Scandinavia with roller coasters, spinning carousels, and restaurants and cafes, Liseberg is an old time favorite for children and adults who want to have some fun. It opens 27th of April and closes in October. It also stays open during the holidays such as Halloween and Christmas.

5. Slottskogen

Slottskogen park is Gothenburg’s main park. This is where the locals come to take a stroll, jog or relax. In August every year, the three-day music festival ‘Way out West’ with over 120 artists are held in Slottskogen. The park is a mix between planned park and natural forest, and cafés and playgrounds creates a fantastic environment. The petting zoo and pony rides are open from April to September. The park zoo is open all year round and the admission is free.



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