Best of Asia in Stockholm

Stockholm has a variety of really good Asian restaurants and shops. By ‘Asian’ I’m referring to everything east of India hence, I don’t include countries like Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, Russia and Central Asia in this list.

This list include my favorite budget restaurants in Stockholm. A list of small local restaurants and shops, my hidden gems. Most of the them are located around T-Hötorget and T-Rådmansgatan aka ‘Chinatown’ in Stockholm. I hope you’ll enjoy the food as much as I have. Some restaurants have a decent lunch menu others don’t. Read my reviews and decide for yourself what appeals to your tastebuds. Enjoy!
As always, I have visited and reviewed every single place on this list.

1. Oriental Supermarket, Norrmalm

Address: T-Hötorget, exit Sergelgatan

This the biggest Asian supermarket in Stockholm with a good variety of foods from all over Asia, especially China and Thailand. There’s also a small deli where you can buy Peking Duck and other delicacies. The supermarket is located inside the metro station. Watch out for the very slow automatic sliding doors. I always get stuck in the entrance when I shop here.

2. Eat East, Kungsholmen

Address: Fleminggatan 11

A hidden gem in Kungsholmen. This restaurant serve authentic Chinese food to budget prices. The staff is really sweet and friendly. Skip the average “sushi lunch menu”, visit in the evening to enjoy the cheapest and best Chinese cuisine Stockholm has to offer.


3. Korean food store, Norrmalm

Address: Luntmakargatan 76

The two ajummas who own this place are super cute and speaks perfectly Swedish as they have been here for over 20 years. The Korean food is a bit pricey, but you’ll find all the necessities like Gochujang, Kimchi, sesame oil, Korean rice and potato noodles here.

4. Koreana restaurant, Norrmalm

Address: Luntmakargatan 76

Next door to the Korean Food store Koreana restaurant is conveniently located. Koreana serves the most famous Korean dishes like Bibimbap. The menu is small, the food is tasty and the portions are big. Affordable prices for budget travelers.

5. Minh Mat, Odenplan

Address: Odengatan 94

A small wonderful Vietnamese restaurant with a nice decor serving tasty lunch between 11 and 14, and delicious dinner meals from 17 o’clock. Vegan friendly.

6. Nam Nam Quán, Södermalm

Address: Åsögatan 90

An old time favorite among the locals serving decent but not authentic Pho, Bun cha, and springrolls. Don’t expect the dishes to be as tasty as in Vietnam. This is the Swedish version of Vietnamese cuisine.

7. Yume Sushi, Östermalm

Address: Sibyllegatan 29

Conveniently located next to metro T-Östermalmstorg this hole-in-the-wall is a popular restaurant among the locals. I’m not a fan of sushi. I think it’s overrated and tasteless however, the sushi here is different, spicy and amazing. The bibimbap is also really good. I highly recommend “Yume special sushi”.

8. Japanska torget, Norrmalm

Address: Tegnérgatan 6

A small food store that specializes in Japanese groceries.

9. Thongwiset, Södermalm

Address: Hornsgatan 85

You find Thai restaurants or Thai fast food kiosks in every corner in Stockholm, Thongwiset is a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves tasty Thai dishes better than the average joint. A lot of vegan options makes this restaurant a popular option for lunch and take out.

10. Pat’s Place, Södermalm

Address: Folkungagatan 140

Have you heard of Thai Tapas? No? Then you should head to Pat’s Place, the best Thai restaurant in Stockholm! Delicious meals at budget prices. I do recommend both lunch and dinner at Pat’s. A bit of a walk from the metro, but so worth it. I highly recommend this restaurant.

11. Restaurang Ho’s, Södermalm

Address: Hornsgatan 151

A famous Chinese restaurant with good reputation of serving authentic Chinese food. The food is tasty and well worth a visit but this is not my favorite Chinese restaurant in Stockholm. The prices are a bit on the higher end and I’m not entirely convinced this restaurant lives up to the hype, but it’s highly ranked on TripAdvisor and Google.

12. Oolong Tea House, Norrmalm

Address: T-Hötorget, exit Sergelgatan

The popular Taiwanese bubble tea has finally arrived in Stockholm with a few shops around the city. The one located in the metro station Hötorget is the most accessible one and very popular among Asian expats.

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